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The Challenge

Football is about the thrill of the game and the passion of both players and fans, it is the bond between them that is the very essence that makes football the inspiring and addictive game it is. Fans are driven by their loyalty to find ways to express their support for a club or player; they do so by going to games, cheering and purchasing merchandise. However, up until now there was no actual way to benefit from and endorse clubs and players and deepen the relationship between fans, clubs and players.

Currently, the world of football revolves around a ‘Closed Club’ system, based on team valuations, where there are large valuation differences between the European Champions League teams, resulting in the growth of a small number teams which leads to only a few clubs having a realistic chance of winning the championship.

The ‘Semi-finals Club’ is also a ‘Closed Club’ where only clubs with extremely big budgets can participate.

Our goal is to change this!


FootBall WorldWide Fans MarketPlace

FBFM offers football fans easy and direct access to invest online in their favorite football clubs and players.

FBFM establishes a new bond online between fans, clubs and players, by making it possible for fans from all over the world to share in the clubs and players successes.

This unique program provides online access enabling fans to invest in their favorite clubs and players and affords them the opportunity to take an active role in their success. Fans are able to demonstrate their passion and support by providing a long-term, low-interest loan via an online platform backed by state-of-the-art technology ensuring an easy and user-friendly experience.


Loan Structure

  1. Fund
  2. Minimal interest
  3. An upside return as a part of the profits that generates a specific player’s card that was chosen by the fan.


FBFM was founded in the light of the new and progressive regulations recently imposed on football clubs, and due to new statistics that are accessible to the general public, and geo-political investments, all of which support and encourage football to become a viable business sector in which fans become professional investors contributing financially, in addition to providing their moral support.

Income into the Champions League continues to increase and with the regulatory restrictions and newly-introduced supervision requirements on club expenses, the secure and easy entry to the world of football investment is facilitated.

All loans received by clubs from fans are supervised and carefully inspected by the professional FBFM team with direct involvement of dedicated escrow, law and accounting experts.

In taking the utmost care to provide a balance between the fans desire for transparency and clubs need for privacy, high-end cyber security and data protection systems are employed in the online system. This enables FBFM to have full control of all information and its subsequent exposure, according to pre-agreed authorization to certified users only.


FBFM Operational Guidelines

FBFM assists in strengthening the football industry and the link between fans, clubs and players.

FBFM offers an alternative method of support for fans, by providing a way for them to contribute to the fund management of a club, providing additional resources in order to benefit the game, clubs, players and fans, all the while maintaining the delicate DNA of the game.

The MarketPlace operates according to required European regulations and obtains the proper authorization prior to formulating a deal while making the interests of the fans, clubs and players as secure as possible.

FBFM will act as a passive beneficiary and will not be involved in any professional decisions made by the club.


Additional Information

We offer a unique model of limited partnership investment, which includes management services provided by FBFM’s professional team consisting of accountants, lawyers and analysts who provide continuous supervision and timely reports regarding the investment and its results.

The investment process is carried out by a leading and trusted firm, who manages the transfer of the investment funds in accordance with the pre-agreed terms of the transaction. In addition, tax and accounting issues will be overseen by a leading accounting firm.

FBFM will adhere to  any regulations required and will obtain the proper authorization prior to formulating a deal while making the interests of the fans, clubs and players as secure as possible.

As a passive beneficiary FBFM is not be involved in any professional decisions made by the clubs. Furthermore, FBFM will not consult the fans and only provide a means for making connections between fans, clubs and players.

Who We Are

We are a group of Israeli multidisciplinary FinTech entrepreneurs and football fans, developing technological platforms for on-line capital raising and conducting business development process backed by innovative models. We have the knowledge and ability to structure the correct legal packages and provide support services for legal, tax and accounting issues according to specific geographic locations.

Our members have wide and varied experience in international negotiations and our team has the ability to competently manage the investment and provide investors with timely status reports.

We believe that the opportunity to participate in the well-being of the sport with the inclusion of fans is essential. We believe that the wealth should be decentralized according to shared capitalism outlines.


The Market Potential

Europe is home to more than 500 football clubs and more than 15,000 players. Recent publications indicate that on average, a team signs up 10 new players each year.

The past 40 years has seen a rapid increase in the number of player transfer deals, starting in 1973, when Barcelona bought Johan Cruijff from Ajax for 922 thousand pounds to the current day when in 2013 Real Madrid bought Gareth Bail from Tottenham for 86 million pounds.

It seems that the Player Card value grows each year and players are being sold for increasingly higher amounts. An annual analysis is performed in order to evaluate the players, and according to this clubs offer to purchase these players. Every player has a Player Card and prices of Player Cards can start from as low as several thousand pounds and reach astronomic sums of 50 million or 100 million pounds.

European Premier League Football is a 9.3 billion dollar industry, this amount representing valuations of football players’ acquisitions of clubs included in the 5 premier leagues only.

The MLS – the American football league has increased the level of fan participation by 13% since 2014. On average, during 2015, more than 21,500 fans were present during each MLS game.

There are only 9 leagues in the world that attract more than an average of 20,000 fans for a game. This puts the MLS in 7th place after the Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, English and German leagues.

Another interesting fact is that football emotionally influences fans in a variety of ways. According to research that was done by KPMG, the 10 biggest clubs in Europe have more that 436 million friends and followers on social networks.

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