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FBFM offers football fans easy and direct access to invest online in their favorite football clubs and players.

FBFM establishes a new bond online between fans, clubs and players, by making it possible for fans from all over the world to share in the clubs and players successes.

This unique program provides online access enabling fans to invest in their favorite clubs and players and affords them the opportunity to take an active role in their success. Fans are able to demonstrate their passion and support by providing a long-term, low-interest loan via an online platform backed by state-of-the-art technology ensuring an easy and user-friendly experience.



  1. Credited Investor
  2. Minimum offer must be no less than 50,000 Euro.
  3. FBFM will approach a specific club with a minimum of 50 fan requests per a club.


The Model

We offer a unique online model of long-term, low-interest-carrying loans, made by football fans to their chosen clubs and players.


Loan Structure

  1. Fund
  2. Minimal interest
  3. An upside return as a part of the profits that generates a specific player’s card that was chosen by the fan


FBFM was founded in the light of the new and progressive regulations recently imposed on football clubs, and due to new statistics that are accessible to the general public, and geo-political investments, all of which support and encourage football to become a viable business sector in which fans become professional investors contributing financially in addition to providing their moral support.

Income into the Champions League continues to increase and with the regulatory restrictions and newly-introduced supervision requirements on club expenses, the secure and easy entry to the world of football investment is facilitated.

All loans received by clubs from fans are supervised and carefully inspected by the professional FBFM team with direct involvement of dedicated escrow, law and accounting experts.


The Process

How It Works – Fans (Demand Arena)


  1. Registration to FBFM.
  2. FBFM will validate fan registration and authentication prior to approaching the club.
  3. Choose your favorite football clubs and players.
  4. When meeting the preconditions, FBFM will identify the club fitting the fans requirements.
  5. FBFM will provide the fans with a credit score report of their desired club.
  6. FBFM will negotiate with the selected club, taking into consideration local regulations and tax laws.
  7. FBFM will structure a relevant vehicle established in club’s country to support in aggregation of fans.
  8. All online fund transfers will be made by a professional and reputable escrow services firm.
  9. All pre-loan services are provided free of charge and fees will be charged only after the loan is received by the club.
  10. For the duration of the loan lifetime, FBFM will manage the loan on behalf of the fans, providing timely reports and will charge management fees.


FBFM deals with clubs, and the players achievements are only indicators for return calculation.

FBFM is a passive arena, and does not interfere with the professional management of the clubs or their decisions.

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