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FBFM enables a unique online access for fans to invest in their favorite football players & their clubs.

FBFM creates a new online bond between the fans, the club & the player by allowing fans from all over the world to take part of the player & the club’s success.

We offer a unique on-line access for fans to invest in their favorite clubs & players, which can now offer their fans to take actual part in the club’s & player’s success, demonstrate their passion and support the club & player in an innovative manner by providing an on-line long term and low interest loan backed by state of the art technology and ensuring the best user experience by our friendly interface.



Eligibility to participate in this program is open to all European clubs that meet the conditions of and carry out their activities as in accordance with and as stipulated by FIFA and UEFA.

In addition, eligible clubs are   subject to FBFM credit score review approval.


The Model

We offer a unique online model of long-term, low-interest-carrying loans, made by football fans to their chosen clubs and players.


Loan Structure

  1. Fund
  2. Minimal interest
  3. An upside return as a part of the profits that generates a specific player’s card that was chosen by the fan


FBFM was founded in the light of the new and progressive regulations recently imposed on football clubs, and due to new statistics that are accessible to the general public, and geo-political investments, all of which support and encourage football to become a viable business sector in which fans become professional investors contributing financially in addition to providing their moral support.

All loans received by clubs from fans are supervised and carefully inspected by the professional FBFM team with direct involvement of dedicated escrow, law and accounting experts.


The Process

How it Works – Clubs (Supply Arena)

  1. Registration to FBFM.
  2. Registered Clubs can approach international fans in order to promote their Super Stars and request a long-term, low-interest loan of not less than 1 million Euros.
  3. The club will provide all the required documentation in order to undergo a FBFM credit score review.
  4. FBFM will target the relevant fans in order to address specific club requirements.
  5. FBFM will designate a dedicated legal entity in order to manage the loans.
  6. FBFM will provide clubs with a long-term, low-interest loan.
  7. For the duration of the loan lifetime, FBFM will manage the loan on behalf of the fans


FBFM deals with clubs, and the players achievements are only indicators for return calculation.

FBFM is a passive arena, and does not interfere with the professional management of the clubs or their decisions.

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